Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Thanks for looking... 

I do love art - the main subject of this blog. But I also have a great life: a wonderful, 4-generation family, friends, faith, and at least 4 careers in my past. Finally I'm back where I started - back to art again. I've painted intermittently for years, and finally, I'm able to do this nearly daily.  

What excites me is my connection to and finding the beauty in the commonplace stuff. In the past 10-15 years, there has been a burst of daily painters, painting their everyday world in countless ways. But artists have been describing this ordinary stuff forever. From the animals, plants, utensils, and tools in ancient art throughout all the centuries, artists have been describing what they know, what they use, what they see. Their reasons for presenting these things have been varied, from just showing the beauty or sometimes the unpleasant nature of these objects, to using them as symbolism, to making an argument, to evoking emotion, to introducing new ideas, and more. I have some really great historical and contemporary company in this endeavor. 

What humbles me is trying to express my connection and the beauty of the objects through paint. I'll probably always fall short of my goals and the images in my head, but I trust the process will lead me to different images, different goals. I'm experimenting - with ideas as well as technique. I see this practice and discipline less as a line from beginning to end; more as a branching tree. We'll see where it brings me...

Thanks again for looking, and I hope you enjoy the journey, too!

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