Monday, January 2, 2017

Oil on canvas, 6 x 10 inches
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Happy New Year to everyone! I had a long break with LOTS of family, lots of food, Christmas, 3 birthdays, and another birthday party/anniversary party/engagement party combination. It's been BUSY, but lots of fun! I'm back to painting now... 

I'm trying something new this month. Artist Leslie Saeta has been hosting a "30 in 30" painting blog once or twice a year for a while. The point is to paint - learn, have fun, try something new, whatever - just paint. Doesn't matter if you get 30 done this month (hence the "30 in 30" name) or 3. Painters from all over the world are posting to the blog, and it can be viewed here

For me, I'm using this blog and this time to give myself "permission" (I'm kinda type-A about certain things) to work towards more abstraction and impressionistic work. To try painting without my glasses. To work with painting knives more. To try whatever comes into my mind. This is opposed to working towards very finished paintings - whether they're detailed and tight or not. I'll be posting everything - really lousy ones to "I like that!", and everything in between. (The really lousy ones may give insight to my battles, and you're certainly free to laugh at them!) I'm hoping to learn a lot and really push forward this month!

I'm working on canvas taped to a foamboard support. Likely, most of these I will not consider saleable. They'll be posted here and on my Facebook page, but won't be posted to my Daily Paintworks (DPW) website. Should I decide to sell any, I'll let them dry for a couple of weeks, archivally mount them on boards, and then post them to the DPW site. Should you be interested in one, please contact me by email or wait for them to show up on DPW. 

Thanks for looking, and I hope everyone has a wonderful 2017!

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