Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I said I'd post the good, bad, and ugly this month (only this month!). I spent January working on whatever I felt would be helpful, rather than thinking about finished paintings. I'm also taking an online workshop with Mary Gilkerson (thank you, Mary!). So here are several of the sketches and exercises I've been doing lately. 

Above, a couple of sketches, oil on the left and pastel on the right.

To the left is an underpainting from the workshop. To the right is what happens when you let the underpainting dry to crust then paint over it! 

 More broccoli... workshop exercises examining lighting conditions.

A rainstorm and below it, a foggy evening. I'm pleased with some passages, but certainly not all! Both after M. Gilkerson. 

Both of these are of an old pecan tree, again examining different lighting conditions in the workshop. 

This one is just flat-out embarrassing. I worked it so long I lost the drawing and fussed it to death - it happens! Better to cut my losses - I think I've learned all I can from this one.

More to come...

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