Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Need a Reminder?

Where You Find It
Pastel on sanded pastel paper, 10 x 10 inches

Need a reminder to stop and enjoy? I was just shopping, when I looked up and found this. This incredible sky. Over a strip mall. Nearly everyone else was just going about their business, and I wanted to shout to them to take a moment out of their day to see. So now I'm wishing I had shouted to all the strangers about. How many missed this beauty and joy?

First I did an oil painting of this sky, which was a failure. I was still fascinated, so I tried again in pastels, and painted the above. I'm going to have another go with the oils sometime soon - we'll see... In the meantime, what makes you stop and look? 

By the Driveway
Oil on archival panel, 9 x 5 inches

Here's another reminder to stop (and smell the irises?). In a rather inhospitable, narrow strip of garden between my house and the driveway, these irises grow. They were planted by the folks who lived here before us, and they've been coming back for years and years. They're huge and lovely, deep maroon to almost black.

When such things as these flowers or a glorious sky are juxtaposed against the mundane - the driveway or a strip mall - it seems to magnify their beauty. Maybe because they take you by surprise? Some artists would have changed the surrounding scenery, but I know others who love to find the beauty in the mundane. I think we get a kick out of the contrast, and it feeds at least some of our art - as well as our spirits.